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Marshalls is a chain of American off-price department stores owned by TJX Companies. Marshalls has over 1,000 American stores, including larger stores named Marshalls Mega Store, covering 42 states and Puerto Rico, and 61 stores in Canada. Marshalls first expanded into Canada in March 2011.Marshalls is the U.S.'s second largest off-price family apparel and home fashion retailer, behind its sister company, TJ Maxx. Its slogans are Your Surprise Is Waiting and Never Boring, Always Surprising.

A disappointed customer Chris of Chesterfield,MO wrote a review published by Consumeraffairs on Feb. 23, 2020: First time shopping at Marshalls. I found what I thought were good buys on men's shirts. Later the buttons started chipping and cracking and falling off. Since I do no like to shop for clothing and do not frequently shop, I was very disappointed. Looking for decent quality button down shirts again.


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Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Anytime I had a question I would get blown off. Managers were extremely rude to you. Some employees would follow others home and egg the cars. The pay wasn’t great either."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"The managers are extremely toxic and rude to their employees. They are not clear about what they want their workers to achieve and get angry at their employees for talking to customers or providing friendly customer service. There are also too many managers who do not communicate with each other, and this causes a variety of problems because employees are told to follow multiple directions instead of just one. The managers change the schedules without notice and sometimes ignore the employees' availability. There is a mandatory inventory day all employees must attend, and if it is not attended, that employee is fired. The managers are not flexible and do not appreciate their employees. Disgusting and toxic environment. Cons: No healthcare, inflexible, long shifts, toxic environment"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I worked here just as a seasonal employee!! I went in for my interview... got offered a job on the spot. Now that sounds great and all. Well I came in for my first day of work.. Within the first 10 minutes I was told that I had worked in retail before so it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out. Let me bring up the fact that Marshalls is not a small store. It has soo many different sections. I had no idea what all they sold, I had no idea where anything was, and I was just expected to start stocking like normal. I had zero training. I would ask for help and they just wouldn’t help me. They would say it’s too busy. Well it’s expected to be busy until he holidays considering it’s a seasonal position. Anyways they just didn’t train me and i gave it two weeks and did my best but I just couldn’t finish that season with the disrespect. Cons: rude employees, and management wasn’t around enough"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"the management does not work around school, overschedules hours, and has no respect for its employees. They also have requirements of being there an hour after close with no good reason too. Cons: everything else"

Cashier (Former Employee) says

"I like it at first but then it got weird. The staff doesn't get along very well. They talk sh%t about each other. Management was okay I guess but overall I would never go back. They didn't let you take your break when needed. It was either always way too early or way too late due to other employees taking more time than needed for their break but managers never said anything about it. It was very toxic. They didn't care about COVID policy as they didn't enforce social distancing as much needed. Many customers weren't wearing their masks properly. As well as the limit capacity was overboard and there was so many people in one store. I just know someone must've gotten COVID at least for all the people who were wearing their masks all the way under their chin. Cons: short breaks"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"They only see growth in their favorites but don't seem to care much about the other people. "you" always have to be flexiable when there are alot of Call off which is Super Stressful they don't take attendance seriously but don't call off if your not the favorite because they will give you the talk. They don't seem to take work seriously but you working alot will make it Seem that its almost time to go home. Cons: Management, pay is super low, credit card"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"no help, rude managers. They belittle you and talk down to you. Pay is too low. I miss the discount on clothes and getting the first items to hit the shelves. Cons: alot"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I worked in a combination store of marhsalls/home goods, I was hired a seasonal help but chose to stay on after the holiday. I was trained in every department in both sides as well as being a cashier. My jobs quickly turned into janitor duty, collecting carts in 5 degree weather with no jacket, every heavy customer carry out with no help. For a part time job it was one of the most toxic work environments I’ve been apart of. Cons: Short breaks. Random hours. Toxic environment. No sense of whose in charge"

Sales Floor Associate (Current Employee) says

"Sometimes the people you work with are cool and fun to work with but as a company overall it is chaotic. No direction, too much work and not enough pay."

Loss Prevention Detective (Former Employee) says

"They don’t let you have a life you would be basically sleeping in your store and by that I mean you go home for 8 hours and come right back and the schedules are horrible. Highly do not recommend"

Associate (Former Employee) says

"Personally I felt awful going to work everyday. This company cares only about one thing and that’s the credit card. They didn’t care about their associates. They were all replaceable in their eyes"

Operations Manager (Current Employee) says

"The upper mgrs were terrible"

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"● Work-life balance"

"customer service" (Former Employee) says

"They start off great with a whole big hiring event and a group introduction but then they say they're hiring you on as a floor worker or customer service rep and then make you work every department under the sun for min wage. Janitorial staff? Nah we make our teenage staffers mix dangerous chemicals in a tiny janitors closet by themselves and then get them to clean the brown smears on the bathroom walls without any PPE or extra pay. Warehouse workers? Nope we make our elderly customer service reps lift heavy boxes and work at a rushed pace to unpack delicate housewares, when they don't we shame them in front of the group to encourage a faster pace! There is no opportunity to grow unless you enjoy kissing rear end on the daily, when they do offer a chance to move up the ranks its usually a gaslight to pile more responsibility onto you so that the managers can get an extra day off. For female staff the pressure to wear makeup and "look pretty" is obscene, having your dedication to the job questioned if you don't cake on layers of foundation, dress like a runway model or have botox injections. For male staff the ridicule and blatant sexism from the heavily female management is insanely toxic, often only being called on for heavy lifting and being referred to as a caveman on regular occasion. Staff are so often pulled in awkward, unnatural directions that the sense of belonging or accomplishment is long dead from the migraines that you will inevitably get. The management's lacking performance often leads to schedule conflicts or shortages which is no problem for them because they Cons: No healthcare, dishonest, no room for growth, toxic environment, sexist, pay does not reflect work, shady business practices"

Cashier/Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Management is horrible, they don’t care about their employees they just care about you showing up and making money for them so they can get their bonuses for selling the store credit card. Coworkers gossip and it feels like you’re in high school all over again. Cons: Management"

unloading trucks (Former Employee) says

"You don’t grow and your job isn’t appreciated. Low pay and heavy on your body. The managers rarely help you and the trainers suck themselves. If you want to waste your life go ahead ."

Part-time Associate/Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"I wouldn’t recommend anyone to work for this company!! They are extremely unorganized and nonchalant especially when it comes on to your time. They would schedule you to work then take you off without telling you, you would just show up and get turned back!!!!"

Didn’t have a set one position. They put me anywhere possible. (Former Employee) says

"This job is terrible. I worked there for a total of 2 months before quitting. They don’t train you properly. They throw you into different departments without training and get upset when you don’t know how to do something. They also pay you minimum wage. Not great pay for what they expect of you. The workers are also stuck-up and have their own “cliques”. Overall, this is the worst job I’ve ever had. Cons: Everything else"

Store Manager (Former Employee) says

"A company that don’t care about their employees and there are so many politics thought the whole company don’t work for this company find a better retail company. Cons: They don’t care about employees."

Associate and Department Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"I have been at Marshall's Land O Lakes for 4 years. Loved It. This last year, after management change I have dreaded going to work. The OPs manager does not have the people skills for the job. She is not pro Associate. She has created a toxic work environment and I would not recommend working there.They have associates cleaning Public Restrooms. Cons: Everything I said in my review"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Marshall University full-time for more than a year Cons: All upper administration (Dean, Assistant Deans) are some of the most disorganized, poor planning, lack of foresight, haphazard employees you'll ever encounter. Everything is always done at the last minute; no trouble shooting or planning seems to go into any large scale decisions or initiatives administration decides to implement. Communication between departments is poor at best with terrible communication to students resulting in needless stress for all parties involved. Additionally, this being an "academic" work environment means there is a GREAT deal of emphasis on what letters come after your name. (Read-if you're not a "doctor" then you couldn't possibly know anything) Staff members are essentially treated as trained monkeys who are easily replaceable with anyone off the street (even though you are literally the backbone of an entire department and are in charge of all critical tasks and projects) and if you're not willing to get your Ph.D and become a professor, there is no growth for you here. Seriously, stay away."


"I worked at Marshall University Cons: Management has went down hill drastically"

Former Employee - Marketing Assistant says

"I worked at Marshall University full-time for more than a year Cons: Constant change and disorganization, also staff is expected to do a TON with nothing while getting pulled in different directions with no clear objectives. Plan to work CRAZY hours and I mean crazy with no nights or weekends to yourself. If you are in a relationship or married you will end having to choose between your significant other and the job. The AD was newer when I left so I am not sure how things have progressed but the Marketing and Ticket Sales Management were an absolute joke!"

Current Employee - Visiting Assistant Professor says

"I have been working at Marshall University full-time for more than 3 years Cons: No upward mobility. The state budget keeps making positions be cut. Always working."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Marshall University full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Don't pay enough money to live"

Former Employee - Accountant says

"I worked at Marshall University full-time for more than a year Cons: It is difficult to get things accomplished."

Former Employee - Systems Integration Specialist says

"I worked at Marshall University full-time for more than a year Cons: politics and a lack of leadership support. mostly boring work."

Former Employee - Graduate Assistant says

"I worked at Marshall University part-time for more than a year Cons: Very demanding for a ridiculously low amount of money. Employees are paid on a 2001 pay scale and most seem untrained. They seem to be apathetic to improving themselves or working hard because the pay is so low and there is limited upward mobility. Tuition benefits were also on the 2001 pay scale, so graduate assistants still had to pay out-of-pocket. When tuition increased, the benefits remained the same."

Current Employee - Professor says

"I have been working at Marshall University full-time for more than a year Cons: I was employed for additional summer terms. The paperwork was not done correctly and I was not paid until the end of the summer after jumping through many hoops. It seemed that no one really cared if I received payment or not."

Current Employee - Associate Professor says

"I have been working at Marshall University full-time for more than 5 years Cons: Every semester faculty are required to revise their curriculum in some way - and it's never anything worthwhile or meaningful... just nonsense and buzz words. Faculty salary has been stagnant for the past several years. Meanwhile, the President has arranged for his salary to more than double. The university is falling apart, financially - budget cuts, taking on loads of new debt, and overspending on non-essential projects (e.g., stadium skybox upgrades, new soccer field, unneeded engineering building, etc.)."